The keyword for Riad Yacout is EXPERIENCE.

With us, everything is about the experience. Stepping into our Riad, you enter a magical place and forget you are in Milan. You step into another time, another space. Our cuisine is part of this experience: a unique emotion, to be discovered and lived through the combination of aromas, tastes, colors, shapes, and music. A selection of fresh and tasty dishes reinterpreted according to the ancient culinary traditions of the Mediterranean. Ancient and theatrical gestures accompany you as engaging performances of oriental dance and live music alternate.


To start

  • Scallop au gratin with friscous and turmeric
  • Caprese with buffalo mozzarella and stripes of dry salted beef
  • Seared tuna* with crispy zucchini and cumin sauce
  • Tuna or amberjack tartar with balsamic of soy and marinated Tropea’s onion
  • Raw mosaic from Mediterranean Sea with wasabi sauce and spicy salt
  • Oysters Gillardeu of Bretagna with red onion and vinegar reduction
  • Smoked bresaola with burrata and turmeric croutons
  • Octopus tortino with salad of chicory hearts and citronette

First course

  • Flat spaghetti with baby shrimp, zucchini and white fish cream
  • Carnaroli risotto, with mushrooms, red shrimp and bisque of fish
  • Spaghettoro Verrigni with tomatoes, basil and veils of Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Pumpkin sour with ginger and purple shrimp of Gallipoli
  • Paccheri of Gragnano pasta with tuna tartar, capers and olives
  • Potaoes dumplings homemade with basil cream, dry salted beef and soft cheese

Main course

  • Chateaubriand of tuna, with sesame, balsamic reduction and vegetarian taboulè
  • Fillet of sea bass with porcini mushroom and fingerling potatoes
  • Bass caught in the Mediterranean Sea with iodised salt
  • Fillet steack with green pepper and steam potatoes
  • Cheek beef braised with spicy milk
  • Crispy octopus with paprika and pumpkin cream with ginger
  • Grilled Tomahawk ( minimun for 2 people)
  • Shrimp extra from Mediterranean sea
  • Carabineros (kind of king prawns)



  • Tasting fusion Morocco appetizers Yacout
  • Harira soup with dates, lime e chebaqia
  • Maghreb chicken or vegetables Briwat, cold orange sauce
  • Traditional fish pastille with marinated lemon gel in salt
  • Shrimp Tajine with porcini mushrooms and potatoes

Cous Cous Selection (2 people minimum)

  • Fish cous cous with bouillabaisse and Moroccan spices
  • Whole cous cous with lobster steamed, fruit, vegetables and citronette
  • Royal cous cous with veal, chicken and skewers
  • Vegetarian Cous Cous with 7 vegetables
  • Chicken cous cous with Maghrebian vegetables
  • Veal or lamb Cous Cous with spicy vegetables

Come and discover the flavors of Maghreb and Mediterranean cuisine: a journey of taste characterized by authenticity, and freshness of the products.